Birthday Boys

Dublin Scrutinising his Birthday Card

On 24th May the boys celebrated their first birthday with home made muesli biscuits!


Jinx Grabs a Biccy

Dublin Gets his Teeth into it

I wouldn’t dream of spoiling my rats.. I mean.. doesn’t everyone bake for their pets?! They also got little parcels of yoghurt drops and a great party game of “Chase the Feather on a Stick”. This is a type of cat toy which is brilliant for rats – they love to chase it around the floor like a couple of kittens – hilarious!

Today my lovely rats are mostly eating sunflower seeds

Attack of the Corn Snatcher

Here’s a quick post just to add a couple of cute videos of the boy’s antics.

1 Attack of the Corn Snatcher

2 Rat Bouncers Guard Important Pea Fishing Expedition

Today my rats have been eating me out of house and home.

Toys and Games for Rats

There are plenty of hammocks, tubes and ladders on the market, but very few products that are aimed as actual toys for rats. You can get plastic or wire balls which you can fill with your pet’s favourite treats, which they have to roll about in order to get the food. A cheaper alternative to this is to fill a cardboard tube (like a toilet roll) with treats and fold up the ends. Your ratties will enjoy nibbling to get to the food, if it smells enticing enough!

I’ve mentioned “pea-fishing” before, when you fill a paint tray or similar container with water and some peas, or sweetcorn and watch your rats fish with their paws and duck their heads under the water to find the peas.

Young rats love to climb and scout out their territory from high vantage points. A lot of rat owners use old wine racks, or branches from apple or cherry trees, for them to climb on. You can just use your imagination here – my rats like to scramble up my arms from the floor to the table and back again!

Another activity which rats are fond of is digging. Wild rats dig elaborate burrows with nesting chambers, bolt holes and larders. Obviously, it’s not advisable to let your pet ratties dig holes in your garden, but it’s amazing how much fun can be for a rat in big box filled with sterilised potting soil and some culinary incentives like sunflowers seeds or monkey nuts!

A recent game I found my lovely rats love to play is “chase the wild-rag”. All you need for this fascinating and hilarious sport is a long piece of string and some old clothes cut up into strips:

1 Tie a loop at one end of the string.

2 Gather the strips of cloth in a bunch and tie together at the other end of the string.

3 Clasp the loop end in your hand, and drag the “wild-rag” cloth strips in front of your rat.

4 Yank the rag away from your rat in a swift movement, and watch him try and pounce on it!

I’m sure there are lots of themes you could use for this game, like cat-on-a-string (using small cat soft toy), or spider-hider (using black cloth and hide-and-seek technique).

Today my rats have been mostly eating dog biscuits and rice.