Cute Rat Pictures

There’s nothing really new on the ratty front, so here are some up-to-date photos of the small furry fellas :) Click on each photo to bring it up larger.

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Today my lovely rats have been eating Yorkshire pudding pieces

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  1. Hi,

    I adopted a rat yesterday (he looks identical to pip!) aged 10 weeks, he was in a pet shop but had been brought in as a new born along with his mother and siblings (he was the last one left). The lady in the shop said that he had been handled since birth. He was very nervous when i put him in his cage and ran straight into his new bed. After an hour or so though he came out of his home and began exploring his new cage. He comes to the bars of the cage when i call him and he will take food from my hand both through the bars and when i put my hand in the cage. I have tried stroking him but he runs and hides in his bed which is understandable. However, when i put my hand in the cage for him to get used to my smell he bites me!! Its not always hard but he did draw a spot of blood so it was hard enough to break the skin. Ialways put my hand in the cage and wait for him to come over to me, I have never chased him, or prodded him etc. I am not sure if this is normal rat behaviour or not as this is the first rat I have owned. I have previously owned hamsters but ive never been bitten before. Any advice you can offer would be great. Thanks

  2. Hi Fay,
    First of all, I would advise never to put food through the bars, because your rat will associate the bars with food, and then when you put your finger in he might expect it to be food and nip you. Secondly, give him time. It sounds like he might not have been handled as much as you were led to believe, because he is obviously scared at the moment, but don’t worry, with patience, he’ll come round. Try calling him every time you come to the cage then offering food, let him take it then take your hand away, just for a few days, so that he begins to learn your hand brings good things! Always talk to him softly and keep your movements slow. Try to stay calm, he will feel tension from you if you are nervous and he will more likely bite. Don’t rush him. If you keep calling him and bringing food, he will learn your voice, so after a while you should notice he responds to your voice when you call him. The next step, is to give him food then keep your hand in, but in a loose fist shape at first. Watch carefully his body language – does he look scared? A scared rat will freeze and his ears will probably be flat down, and his eyes will be wide. He may move slowly, his body low to the ground. A relaxed rat will have his ears in up, and he will move about confidently. An agressive or anxious rat will puff up his fur. If his mouth is ajar and/or he backs up away from you, he is still scared and may bite. If he cautiously moves towards you, he just wants to sniff you. Young rats DO use their teeth to explore, mine have often put their teeth around my finger, or my ankle (!) and not bitten down hard. You have to trust that they won’t and stay calm. If they look terrified, they are likey to bite – just watch your rat closely. If your rat starts to come to your hand just to sniff, then you may try and stroke, but keep your movements slow! Rats like to be stroked/ scratched behind their ears and around their haunches. Get him used to this routine of calling, treats, letting him get used to your hand, and stroking until he’s confident, then you go on to the next step – try gently picking him up with two hands and then put him straight back down, and do this everyday. At first he will probably just leap out of your hands and run to his bed!! Persevere, because after a few days he will relax when you pick him up, if only for a short while at first, but gradually over time, he will let you pick him up as he learns to trust you. Always be gently and calm. When he’s happy for you to pick him up you can try taking him out of the cage, but I would suggest using a pouch, an old hat or something for him to crawl into first, to carry him out of the cage, because he will feel more secure in that. Also if he gets free, you could put a treat in the hat/pouch to entice him back. It’s better to do this somewhere where you can get to him easily, like a table top at first – so he won’t disappear under furniture or something and you would have a hard job getting him back! Let him climb onto your arms from the pouch let him explore you as well as his surroundings. He may run back to the pouch every now and again. You could put an empty box or toys/ tubes around for him to explore. I always give my rats food at the end of “playtime” back in their cage, and let them know – by saying ” dinner time!” So if they’re exploring on the floor they learn to come to me and they are happy to go back to their cage where I put food down for them.
    The main thing is to be calm, gentle and very patient and you will be rewarded with an affectionate rat :) I hope this helps. Leave a comment if you have any more questions :)

  3. Rats are just the best pets. Sweet, intelligent, and loyal. They rarely complain when in pain. We humans would do well to follow their example.

  4. I totally agree Maureen, and some of my rats were better company than some humans I’ve known lol

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