Sneezing Shy-Shy

Oh dear, Shy-Shy was sneezing again. I made another appointment for him at the vets’. He may be one of those ratties that is prone to Myco infections. The vet prescribed seven days of Baytril (0.1 ml a day). The dose your rat gets depends on his size. Average dose for an adult female rat is approx. 0.2ml and an adult male might get about 0.25 to 0.3mls.

This time I took Shy-Shy to the vets on his own in a plastic carrier tank. The poor thing was petrified because there were a couple of load yappy dogs there. I tried to console him by stroking him gently, but made a mental note to bring his brothers as company next time. Rats seem to be far less threatened when they have their cage mates to snuggle up to – or hide under as Pip does!

The vet picked Shy-Shy up by the scruff of the neck to show me how to administer the Baytril via a small syringe. Shy-Shy didn’t struggle but I think he was too scared to move, but anyway, it didn’t look very comfortable to me and I suspect that holding a rat in this way probably hurts it a little. I thought Shy-Shy would prefer the Baytril-in-yummy-yoghurt method better!

Shy-Shy feigns illness then sneaks off with banana chunk

I have since found much better ways to hold your poorly rat, if he refuses to eat, and you need to get the medicine in him. One easy way is to hold your rat firmly wrapped in a towel, so that his movement is restricted.

Today my rats are mostly eating apple slices.

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4 Responses to “Sneezing Shy-Shy”

  1. My vet told me to mix the baytril with a little pineapple or blackcurrant juice.i find that pineapple juice works really well.

    Have you ever experienced your rats go limp and look like they are going to pass away and then perk up again?

    I have had my first experience with myco this week and am worried that my poor audrey ratburn might not make it.

    She seems well now but who knows…i’m so worried:(

    Love your site& its name!

  2. That’s a good idea, unless you’ve got a few rats, together – you don’t whether the one that’s sick is getting the right amount. Since this post I’ve had to treat all the rats with Baytril for 10 days, and I gave each their dose on a spoon with food, one at a time. It took a while, but the good thing is they are getting alot tamer! Shy-Shy still sneezes occasionally, but the other three are fine now. The vet advised that it is best to treat them only when they get a “flare-up” (sneezing and Polphryn), but I have read that some owners give their rats Baytril long term with no side-effects. I worry that Shy-Shy might get full-blown Myco, so I’m keeping a careful eye on him.

    I’ve never seen a rat go limp – it must be pretty scarey :0

    Thanks for your comments – I didn’t know anyone had found this site yet!

    There will be pictures of rats soon! (When I harrass my boyfriend into showing me how to put them on!)

  3. I just did a random search on myco and your site cam up again:) since typing the last comment to you Audrey has been so so much better, until today!

    She’s started wheezing again, it looks like it’s off to the vet for me tomorrow..

    so stressful i’m 19 and not made of money! i already have vet bills to pay..aaah!

    Myco is heartbreaking,i hate that there are always going to be “flare ups” It’s the only thing that makes me think i shouldnt keep rats after my three girls. It’s really upsetting for me!

    I hope you havent had any back luck over there with your babies. I’ll have to catch up and read more of your site to find out;)

    -oh and my boyfriend is a website maker/graphic artist dealy man as well! haha.

  4. Sorry to hear about Audrey. Myco is a worry, but many rats get the minor symptoms without getting full blown Myco. Some breeders use Baytril continually to reduce the spread of the infection, but I was concerned that my rat Shy-Shy was getting too much antibiotic at such a young age. My vet advised treating him only when he got a bad “flare up” (of sneezing and porphyrin).
    Shy-Shy did have the odd sneeze several few weeks ago, but I waited to see if they would just go on their own, and they did, and I haven’t heard him sneeze for a long time now. But if there had been any sign of his condition getting worse, I would have taken him to the vets.
    Vet bills are expensive aren’t they? When I was a student, (and didn’t have much money!) I used to take my pets to the PDSA vets. They were great, and were happy to treat rats. You weren’t charged, but asked to donate as much or little as you could afford. Maybe there’s one in your area.
    I’ve read that echinacea is a good herbal remedy to help build up rats’ (and humans’) immune systems, but I don’t know what dose.
    We’re about to put our rats in the shed outdoors, so I’m bracing myself for them having a Myco break out, just because of the change, but hopefully, they’ll be alright.
    I hope Audrey recovers soon : /

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